The lost statue of Athena Parthenos Monday, October 28, 2019 On the occasion of the Greek National Holiday of the 28th October, the Acropolis Museum brings to life the statue of Athena Parthenos, made of gold and ivory, designed by Phidias for the Parthenon. The 37 foot 9 inch statue was a tribute to the Greek goddess, Athena. Written by student Jesper V. Jensen In this last lecture of the Palmyra Portrait Project lecture series in 2017, Associate Curator Kenneth Lapatin of the J. Paul Getty Museum gave an enlightening talk of the gold and ivory statues of Athena Parthenos and Zeus Olympios. by Mark Cartwright published on 25 January 2015. Ancient Civilizations. Around 432 BC, Phidias created a massive chryselephantine figure of Zeus in the temple of Zeus at Olympia, Greece, and one of Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon in Athens. Phidias … It currently stands on Half-Blood Hill at Camp Half-Blood. This peplum was then hanged all year round in the cella right next to the gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos sculpted by Phidias. Athena Parthenos by Phidias › Antique Origins . Sculptor, painter, and architect, Phidias, finished the construction of the statue in 432 BC. The replica of a sculpture of Athena by Phidias Although everybody agrees that Phidias carved the original, the name of the piece is still controversial. Athéna Parthénos de Phidias par Mark Cartwright Le magnifique temple sur l'Acropole d'Athènes, connu comme le Parthénon, construit entre 447 et 432 avant notre ère dans l'âge d'or de Périclès, et elle fut dédiée à la divinité protectrice de la ville Athena. The Athena Parthenos was an ancient sculpture located inside the Parthenon in Athens. Summary of lecture, written by student Jesper V. Jensen. Initially the old wooden idol of Athena needed a new wool peplum, later this traditional custom was also observed and the new peplum was given to the priest at the entrance of the Parthenon. The Athena Parthenos is a forty-feet-tall statue of the goddess Athena which was once the central figure in the Parthenon of Athens. The magnificent temple on the Acropolis of Athens, known as the Parthenon, was built between 447 and 432 BCE in the Golden Age of Pericles, and it was dedicated to the city ’s patron deity Athena. 2/1/2020 Athena Parthenos by Phidias - Ancient History Encyclopedia 1/2 by Mark Cartwright published on 25 January 2015 Athena Parthenos Reconstruction Athena Parthenos Reconstruction by Mary Harrsch (Photographed at the Nashville Parthenon, Tennessee) (CC BY-NC-SA) ALTHOUGH RICHLY DECORATED ON THE OUTSIDE WITH MAGNIFICENT DECORATION, THE MOST IMPORTANT … Statues made of chryselephantine, a sculpting medium of ivory and gold, were of a high status in ancient Greece. Due to the fact that we can only reconstruct some of his works, such as the colossal statues Athena Parthenos or Zeus at Olympia, from copies and descriptions, we truly can only imagine the immense impression that his art must have created for the ancient audience. The Athena Parthenos. Phidias's most justly famed creations were his two colossal gold-and-ivory cult statues.